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Specialist Disability Accommodation: What Is It?

Specialist Disability Accommodation What Is It | Instant Support

Disability accommodation can be funded by the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). It includes many options to cater to different needs. Specialist disability accommodation (SDA) is one of those options under NDIS housing. Compared to the other home and living support options, SDA is specifically designed for people with extreme functional impairment or very high support needs. The residential structures for SDA have features to help the occupants live more independently. At the same time, features also allow other supports to be delivered more efficiently and safely. 

Not sure whether SDA is right for you or whether you would qualify for SDA funding? Read more about it below so you can begin your journey in finding the right home for you.

What is NDIS SDA funding?

SDA funding is money from the NDIS to pay for a physical house for you to live in. It is paid directly to SDA providers for the building and maintenance costs. Take note that rent and other daily living costs such as electricity bills will be shouldered by the participant. These will not come from SDA funding.

Am I eligible for SDA?

To qualify for SDA funding from the NDIS, you must meet the following criteria: 

  • You have very high support needs and/or extreme functional impairment
  • You need additional support on top of what your informal support system is currently providing you
  • You have explored other NDIS housing options such as home modifications and found them to be inadequate in addressing your needs
  • You have challenging behaviours would be better supported if living with less people

Like all other NDIS support requests, you will need to demonstrate that your request for SDA funding is reasonable and necessary. This means that they should help improve your independence and achieve your life goals. 

You can get an occupational therapy assessment that highlights your unique housing needs.  The report should also state how the SDA option will likely benefit you over the other housing options. 

What Are the Different Types of SDA Design Options?

There are four types of home options that are classified under NDIS Specialist Disability Accommodation. They are referred to as Design Categories. The National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA) will determine which category of home is right for you depending on your individual support needs.

  1. Improved Livability – this type of home is suited for people who find it difficult or understand things around them. Doorways, handles, and switches are easy to see and uncomplicated to use. Rooms are structured in such a way that it is easy to see from one room through to the next.
  2. Fully Accessible – this type of home provides great physical access for people with significant physical impairment. Doorways and hallways are wide to accommodate wheelchairs and no steps or stairs are present in the property. The bathroom and kitchen are designed for both sitting and standing positions.
  3. High Physical Support – this type of home has all the features of Fully Accessible SDA. Add-ons include ceilings that are strong enough for ceiling hoists. Emergency power solutions are present. Assistive and communication technologies are available like voice or device-controlled doors and lights.
  4. Robust – this is suited for those with challenging behaviours. Walls, windows and other fixtures are impact-resistance. It is sound-proofed both ways, meaning that outside noise can’t bother you and the noise inside your home will also not disturb your neighbours. There is also a retreat space where you, other residents, and staff can go to keep safe.
Think You Need Specialist Disability Accommodation in Melbourne - Instant Support’s Here to Help

Think You Need Specialist Disability Accommodation in Melbourne? Instant Support’s Here to Help!

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